Grace Note Productions began in 2014.  We hosted our first concert in our home with an audience of 32 in January of that year. It was appropriately named, “Bass in 3-D” and featured 3 talented Bassists:

              Michael Bowie http://neosyndicatedc.com/michael-bowie-and-the-blast 

               James King http://www.JamesKingBass.com/

               and Steve Novosel  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Novosel 

The next event was a collaborative effort by Crossroads Homeowners Association and us for the purpose of benefitting 3 neighbors’ homes that were ravished by fire in June of 2014. Thankfully, no lives were lost, but those families suffered total loss of their homes and the contents therein. The performers for this concert were: Pianist Danny Mixon http://www.DannyMixonSounds.com, Bassist Michael Bowie, and Drummer Tom Williams http://www.TomWilliamsnet.com. This concert was held at the Quality Business Engineers (QBE) building in Haymarket, VA. 

The next event was a surprise celebration for Tim's 60th birthday, hosted by Cynthia at the Corsini Clubhouse in the Crossroads neighborhood. Pianist Danny Mixon and Bassist James King performed for a second time at this event. 

Then on August 20, 2016 our 4th concert was again held at QBE and featured vocalist Sharon Clark http://www.SharonClarkJazz.com, Pianist Danny Mixon, Alto Saxophonist Antonio Parker http://www.AntonioParker.com, Bassist Michael Bowie, and Drummer Nasar Abadey http://www.NasarAbadey.com. Newcomer Bassist Thomas Wise (who is a student of Michael Bowie) performed his debut alongside his instructor in an inspiring performance of Miles Davis’ “ALL BLUES” and was well received by the audience.

During each performance brief biographies on each performer are read for the purpose of educating the listeners about these players. We also recognize those who volunteer their time and energy to help these events to be a success. We couldn’t have done these events without them.

In the Gainesville and Haymarket, VA communities, the Jazz genre has received little or no exposure. Our desire is to change this. Through this organization, we endeavor to expand the appreciation of America’s only indigenous art form. We believe that through our efforts and presenting live Jazz, the community will be enriched, educated and abundantly appreciative of this unique art form.

As always, we’d like to thank Dr. Sean Landry, Owner and Founder, QBE and Ms. Ann Gross, Operations Coordinator, QBE for their past support in allowing us to use their facility for these events.

We'd also like to thank Pastor Tim McGowan, who holds his services there at QBE each Sunday, for the kind gesture of supplying chairs for our past events.

In 2019 Grace Note Productions will be using the following venue:

February 10, 2019 - Haymarket Gainesville Library - 3:00 pm

In honor of Black History Month

A special 1-hour Presentation on "The History of Jazz"

By Bassist Mike Bowie and Trumpeter DeAndre Shaifer

Free & open to the public

Light refreshments served

See our "Events" page for more information!

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